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"We understand that a well managed employee-owned company is not a destination, it is a journey..."

- J. Michael Keeling,
President of The ESOP Association


Employee Ownership Foundation Conferences

The Employee Ownership Foundation (“EOF”) sponsors two unique retreat programs.  One is for the top executives in an ESOP company – “Leading In An Ownership Setting”, with faculty provided by the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Policy & Practice. 

The other is the Employee Owner Retreat, which is really a course in capitalism for average pay employees that enhances each participant’s understanding of, and contribution to, her or his ESOP company.  Its faculty is from the Ohio Employee Ownership Center, which is affiliated with Kent State University. 

To register for the retreat click on http://www.employeeownershipfoundation.org/pdf/2019_EOR_Brochure.pdf

To learn more about the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Policy & Practice, a one of a kind leadership retreat or to register please visit http://www.employeeownershipfoundation.org/pdf/TEA_CEO_2019_flyer.pdf.




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