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- J. Michael Keeling,
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Edmunson Scholarship

Charles R. Edmunson
Charles Edmunson

Each year, the Employee Ownership Foundation honors the memory of Charles Edmunson, a leader of the employee-ownership community, by awarding scholarships for the training of non-management employees of employee-owned companies. Charles Edmunson dedicated his life to the belief that all employees should be provided an opportunity to own a piece of the company where they work and that each employee owner should be offered the respect and dignity of an owner. Charles believed that education was the cornerstone of this vision. The Charles R. Edmunson Scholarship helps to fulfill his goal by offering non-management employees of employee owned companies the opportunity to attend motivational and education programs that promote employee ownership and educate about the rights, responsibilities, risks and rewards of employee ownership.

Award Amount

Each scholarship pays $2,000 to the employee-owned company applying for the Edmunson Scholarship. The scholarship amount of $2,000 is split between two employee owners should the winning company have more than one employee-owner as winners.

Who Can Apply and How

  1. Employee-owned companies may apply on behalf of their employee owner(s).
  2. Each employee-owned company may nominate by application a maximum of two (2) employee owners.
  3. The individuals for whom the applicants should be made should be employees who do not have a managerial role in the company.
  4. Employee-owned companies must submit on behalf of their candidate(s) a fully completed application form.

How the Scholarship Can be Used

  1. The scholarship can be used to defray costs incurred when attending an employee ownership educational program. This can include, but is not limited to, registration, lodging and travel.
  2. The scholarship must be used within 12 months of receipt.
  3. The employee-owned company must provide the Foundation evidence of its use by submission of receipts.
  4. If terms and conditions can not be met after the scholarship has been awarded, the employee-owned company must refund the scholarship to the Foundation.
  5. The scholarship is not transferable.


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