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"We understand that a well managed employee-owned company is not a destination, it is a journey..."

- J. Michael Keeling,
President of The ESOP Association


How to Apply for a Grant

The Employee Ownership Foundation is currently funding projects that are consistent with its program initiatives. The Foundation's grant making committee meets in May and November. Application deadlines are March 15th and September 15th, and all application materials must be received by those dates in order for a request to be considered. We do not provide for indirect costs. All funds must be used for the direct purpose stated in the application letter.

There are several steps in the application process, including a brief review before submitting a formal application, and we encourage you to review the process carefully.

You can download a copy of the proposal guidelines and forms, or contact the Foundation at info@employeeownershipfoundation.org or by telephone at 202-293-2971

Please note: The application process, deadlines, and forms for Charles R. Edmunson Scholarships are different.


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