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"We understand that a well managed employee-owned company is not a destination, it is a journey..."

- J. Michael Keeling,
President of The ESOP Association


About Us

The Employee Ownership Foundation was established in 1997 with one principal purpose in mind; to help more Americans learn about and understand employee ownership, and as a result, become employee owners. The Foundation intends to achieve that through educational initiatives, instructional and education programs, and communications with workers, managers, executives and business leaders, elected officials, teachers and professors; people from all walks of life.

In the early 1990’s, as the leaders of The ESOP Association developed the Association’s first Vision, Mission, and comprehensive Strategic Plan, they realized more resources and effort were needed to move America towards a nation where the majority of Americans own stock in the companies where they work.

Thus, in the mid-1990’s, as part of an overall strategic plan to grow the influence of the employee ownership community in America, the Association leaders established a Blue Ribbon Committee to determine if a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) affiliate of the Association could take a lead role in developing the educational outreach to the American public in funding new and comprehensive research on employee stock ownership, and in helping average pay employee owners learn more about ownership in America’s free enterprise society.

By 1997, a new venture, the Employee Ownership Foundation, which is funded by tax deductible contributions, began collecting resources in order to move the employee ownership community towards goals and objectives not attainable through an advocacy entity, such as The ESOP Association.

While still young in years, the Employee Ownership Foundation has made a difference by funding research and fellowships in major U.S. universities, partnering with the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education to develop curriculum and case studies for graduate schools, public outreach campaigns, and educational scholarships, all of which were beyond the resources available to The ESOP Association. (See “Ten Years of Accomplishments” for details and outcome of Foundation work since 1998.)

Linked legally to The ESOP Association, joined philosophically with the Association’s Vision, the Employee Ownership Foundation is the entity that can play the major role in persuading the United States that employee ownership is just, and effective in creating wealth for our nation, for our companies, and for their employees.


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