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- J. Michael Keeling,
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  1. There are two aspects to the Aspen Institute’s Center for Business Education (“CBE”) program, which is funded jointly by EOF and Foundation for Enterprise Development (“FED”). One is the establishment of over 250 sources on employee ownership, or shared capitalism as it is called by some, on caseplace.org, a website that is a repertory of sources for business schools and business professors to gather materials for their courses. This part of the work with Aspen’s CBE is in its second year. In 2009 added was a dissertation contest won by Daphne Berry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The winner was honored along with other Aspen CBE dissertation winners on other topics at a breakfast in New York City on November 6th.

  2. The UPenn Symposium was held on May 1, and the cost was approximately $3K. Chair Cabral attended, as did about 25 others. EOF underwrote the attendance of several academics, including two from Kent State University’s Employee Ownership Center, a Rutgers EOF fellow, and the professor from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, who developed an employee ownership curriculum for CasePlace.org, which is funded jointly by FED and EOF. The second UPenn symposium was hosted by the Center for Organizational Dynamics, UPenn on the UPenn campus.

  3. While in fiscal/calendar year 2009 EOF granted $25K for two fellowships to Rutgers University School of Labor & Management, in fact for the academic cycle of the program, EOF funded four fellowships, as $20K was funded in 2008, and the $45K resulted in Rutgers faculty leaders of the program to say EOF funded four fellowships in this cycle. FED funded the bulk of the fellowships, and their fellowships are called the Beyster Fellowships. Last cycle FED funded fellowships up to $150 K.
    Consensus by the Trustees was reached to have monies go towards a new fellowship category, the Kelso Fellowship. Dr. Kelso’s widow, Patricia Hetter, who co-authored his major work on binary economics, endorsed the idea of one fellowship at Rutgers being labeled a “Kelso” Fellowship.

  4. The Foundation made a grant to the University of Hawaii, Schindler School of Business in 2008 for the writing of two case studies on employee-owned companies in Hawaii. The project is moving to completion, and has expanded beyond case studies to include a survey of Hawaiian ESOP companies with input from the National Center for Employee Ownership’s (“NCEO”) Loren Rodgers and the Beyster Institute’s Tony Mathews.

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