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  1. Chair Cabral and President Keeling learned from Dr. Joseph Blasi that the National Science Foundation ("NSF"), a Federal agency that funds the General Social Survey ("GSS"), notified the University of Chicago's Center for Opinion Research that the GSS did not need the entire grant made earlier to Rutgers University for all the specialized questions on the 2010 GSS  approved by their  Board.   Some of the questions had to be cut although other approved questions were included in a 2006-2010 longitudinal study resulting in a surplus.   Rutgers will notify EOF of the amount of the surplus, and about the potential use. The amount was not known by year end 2009. The communication will also set forth options for use of the surplus.

  2. In 2008 a $9K proposal by Loren Rodgers of the NCEO was granted for a research project to calculate the average ESOP contribution in ESOP companies and the average of the 401(k) defined contribution as well as those for ESOP companies. Then the ESOP and 401(k) contribution would be added together to compare to non-ESOP companies. An assumption for return on investments would also be done. This research after some modeling could develop adequate income guidelines as to what is reasonable expectation for retirement security provided by ESOP companies versus non-ESOP companies.

    Loren Rodgers from the NCEO has submitted a draft of the research findings to EOF. These findings are currently being reviewed by the task force headed by Trustee Hugh Reynolds who helped scope the research. By year end considerable discussion had taken place with NCEO’s Rodgers about additional work on the project.

  3. The Foundation continued important programs that began in the past eleven years, such as underwriting the acclaimed orator and business leader Stephen C. Sheppard’s presentations to business owners who are prime candidates for establishing an ESOP as an exit strategy; and the Foundation continued granting Edmunson Scholarships — 11 in 2009 — to average pay employees for their attendance at the Foundation’s Employee Ownership Retreats, held three to four times a year with a faculty from the Ohio Employee Ownership Center of Kent State University.

  4. The ESOP Economic Performance Survey, first conducted 18 years ago by The ESOP Association, but now a Foundation Survey, was released in August, once again confirming overwhelmingly that ESOP company members of The ESOP Association out perform stock market indices, and was establishing an ESOP was viewed by approximately 90% of the ESOP company leaders as a “good” business decision. This survey consistently generates more positive media mentions than other TEA press releases, and data from the survey was cited by Senators Sanders, Brown, and Leahy in a letter to their Senate colleagues about their legislation to promote employee ownership.

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