EOF 2020 Donations

Employee Ownership Foundation 2020 Donors List Article Header Image

$5,000 OR MORE

Carris Reels, Inc.
Eagle Communications/Schmidt Foundation
Gardener's Supply Company
GreatBanc Trust Company
Hypertherm, Inc.
James G. Steiker
Joanne Swerdlin
Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
Mark Lomele
Menke & Associates, Inc.
Robert F. Schatz
The Todhunter Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

Jeff Pavlik
Marcus R. Piquet
Steven Suckow

$1,000 - $2,499

Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc.
Alexander P. Holt
A. Lori Stuart
Alicia Baccam
Andre Gallet
Andy Manchir
Austin Industries, Inc.
Betty Cotton
Big G Express, Inc.
Brian Ippensen
Burns & McDonnell
CCC Group, Inc.
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
Cenlar Capital Corp.
CHART Rehabilitation of Hawaii, Inc.
Cindy Turcot
Conco Inc.
Darby Winger
David Fitz-Gerald
David Kelly
Davin Gustafson
Derrick Vick
Duane Tolander
Edward Renenger
Empire Valuation Consultants, LLC
Employee Owners of Mid South Building Supply, Inc
ESCO Group
Fairfax Building Supply
Frieda S. Takaki
Gary Shorman
Gemini Industries, Inc.
Glenn Tsugawa
Harps Food Stores
Horizon Communications, Inc.
Houchens Industries, Inc.
Hugh Reynolds
Janet M. Edmunson
JE Dunn Construction Company
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson
Joshua Menold
Katz, Sapper & Miller
King Arthur Baking Company
KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.
Kyle Spader
Lithotype Company, Inc.
Mary Falardeau
Michelle Jensen
Mountain Hardware & Sports
Neil Brozen
Nelson Electric
O'Neal Inc
Palmer Group
ProAct Inc.
Rachel Markum
Rich Lender
Rich Manlapeg
Richard Sharpless
Richard T. Stafford
Robert E. Massengill
Robyn Pollina
Ryan, Smith & Carbine
S&C Electric Company
Salem Fabrication Technologies Group
Scallon Controls, Inc.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.L.C.
SRC Holding
Steve Earle
Superior Farms/Transhumance Holding Company Inc.
TI-Trust, Inc.
TDIndustries, Inc.
Thomas Pientok
Tom Stretton
TrueNorth Companies
Van Meter Inc.
Vermont Community Foundation
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Wayne Isaacks
Web Industries, Inc.
Williams Brothers Construction Company, Inc.
Woodforest Financial Group

$500 - $999

20/20 Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
AirBorn, Inc.
Air Tractor, Inc.
Alex Perry
Allied Mineral Products, LLC.
Allison Wilkerson
Aluminum Precision Products, Inc.
Anlai Jiao
AVI Systems, Inc.
Barr Brands International, Inc.
Barr Engineering Company
Borden Perlman
Bruce Cooey
Cactus Feeders, Inc.
Chandler Asset Management
Chip Brown
Chuck Coyne
Clif Bar & Company
Crafton Tull
Craig Baker
Crystal Flash
Dakota Supply
Dan Miller
Daniel Goldstein
Danielle Montesano
Daniel Reser
D&D Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc.
DAS Acquisition Company, LLC
Dave Ferraro
David Davis
David Fitz-Gerald
David Lowell
David Nagy
Dealers Electrical Supply Co.
Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc.
Donny Springer
Doug Wright
Douglas Machine Inc.
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC
Eastridge Workforce Solutions
ECS Corporate Services, Ltd.
Edward Wilusz
Electric Consultants Inc.
Elyse S. Bluth
Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc.
EURPAC Service, Inc.
Eutaw Construction Company, Inc.
Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly, Inc.
Frank Quigley
Gale Kraft
Ganahl Lumber Company
Guardian Fleet Services
H.B. McClure Company
Hawaii Chapter of The ESOP Association
Henny Penny Corporation
Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.
Howard Immel Inc. (dba. Immel Construction)
HPM Building Supply
Innovance, Inc.
Intermountain Electric Service, Inc.
Intrepid Industries Inc.
ITA Group, Inc.
J.D. Steel Co., Inc.
J. Randall Bishop
James Bonham
Jeffrey Gelburd
Jenkins Restorations
Jim Winterscheid
Johnny's Pizza House, Inc.
Johnson Supply
Joseph Verri
Jumbo Foods
Karen Ellis
Keith Mericka
Kelly Ponce
Kendall Electric, Inc.
Kim Maguire
Kim Serbin
Larry D. Johnson
Larry & Joni Witzel
Leevers Supermarkets, Inc.
Lynn DuBois
Mangan, Inc
MAP Communications Holdings, Inc.
Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating, Inc.
Mark Fournier
Mary Beth Gray
Mathematica, Inc.
MB Haynes
McLean Contracting Company
Melinda Czub
Merri Ash
Michael Podkulski
MidWest One
Mike Mallaro
MSA Professional Services, Inc.
Nussbaum Transportation Services, Inc.
Pacific AquaScapes, Inc.
Parametrix, Inc.
Paul Dougherty
Penn United Technologies, Inc.
Peter Shuler
Pima Medical Institute
The Palmer-Donavin Mfg., Co.
Praire Capital Advisors, Inc.
Preferred Pump & Equipment
Professional Project Services, Inc.
RCB Bank
Rebecca T. Glasgow
Richard Stoltz
Riverside Construction Company, Inc.
Robin Industries, Inc.
RTEAM Management
Sandy Shoemaker
Savers Group, Inc.
Scot Forge Company
Sharon Karklins
Sharyl David
Showplace Wood Products, Inc.
Stars Behavioral Health Group
Steven Greenapple
Stephen James
Tabitha Croscut
Tamera Edwards
Tech-Etch, Inc.
Ted Becker
Terence Griswold
Teresa Daggett
Terrance Arashiro
Territorial Savings Bank
Thompson Holdings
Torch Technologies
Trachte Building Systems, Inc.
Tracy Woolsey
TriMark Corporation
Veterinary Service, Inc.
Volkert & Associates, Inc.
Welk Resorts
William Bloom
Wood-Mizer Holdings, Inc.
Zimmerman Associates, Inc.

$250 - $499

Aaron Moberger
Accurate Electric Inc
Acme Rigging & Supply Co., Inc.
Adrian Loud
Advanced Lifeline Services
Advantage Capital Management Corporation
Agracel, Inc.
AGVISE Laboratories, Inc.
Air Treatment Corporation
Al. Neyer
Alan Harrington
Alaska Rubber Company
Alliance Group
Alterman, Inc.
Amanda Beatty
American Business Group ESOP
American Legend Services
American Plastic Molding
Anderson Engineering, Inc.
ANDRES Construction Services
Ankrom Mosian Architects, Inc.
Anne-Claire Broughton
Aqua Engineers, Inc.
ArcherPoint, Inc.
Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co.
Argus Consulting, Inc.
Arlene L. Ashcraft
Armstrong Engineering Associates, Inc.
ASU Group
Atlas Steel Products Co.
Avtask, Inc.
Axios HR
Aziz El-Tahch
Aztalan Engineering
Badger Custom Pallets Inc.
Bane-Welker Equipment
Barbara Clough
Barr & Barr, Inc.
Baumgartner & Company, Inc
Bay Cities Container Corp
Ben Holder
Beta Group Inc.
Billy Friesen
BL Companies, Inc.
Blount Construction Company, Inc.
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.
Bradford White Corporation
Brewer & Co. of WV, Inc.
Brian Naulty
Broadhead & Co, Inc.
Bruns Construction Enterprises, Inc.
Bucky Wright
Builders Supply Co., Inc.
Burlington Graphic Services, Inc.
Burwood Group Inc.
Butler Till Media Services, Inc.
C&K Market
California Hydronics Corporation
California Sheet Metal
Caltrol, Inc.
Calvert Masonry, Inc.
Capris Furniture Industries, Inc.
Carbo Forge, Inc.
Carey Chen
Carl H. Bishop
Cathy Ivancic
Caven Enterprises, Inc.
CDI Services, Inc.
Cellusuede Products, Inc.
Central Coating Company, Inc.
Central Indiana Hardware Co., Inc.
Central Moloney, Inc.
Charles River Analytics
Charter Construction, Inc.
Chem Service, Inc.
Chesapeake Financial Shares, Inc.
Chesapeake Sprinkler Co., Inc.
Chris Hulett
Cisco-Eagle, Inc.
Cirtronics Corp.
Clark Insurance
Clean Air Quality Service Inc.
Clune Construction Company
Coast Heat Treating Company
Coast Holdings Group
Collin Chan
Columbia Chemical Corporation
Commercial Sheetmetal Co., Inc.
Computational Physics, Inc.
Conco Inc.
Concord Lumber Corporation
Connor Deering
Conservit, Inc.
Consolidated Minerals, Inc.
Control Associates Inc.
Cornerstone Treatment Facilities Network
Corpus Christi Electric Co., Inc.
CorTrust Bank
Cox & Company, Inc.
CP&Y, Inc.
Craig M. Danley
Craig Wear
Creative Financial Staffing, Inc.
Crisis Preparation and Recovery, Inc
Crop Quest, Inc.
Crouse and Associates
CTL Engineering, Inc.
Cummins-Wagner Company, Inc.
Custom Aire, Inc
Cybernet Systems Corp.
D&A Companies
Dan Marcue
David A. Cassel
David Leto
David Whaley
DeAnza Tile Co., Inc.
Dennis Paper & Food Service
Diamond Line Delivery Systems, Inc.
Dienen, Inc.
DKS Associates
Dotson Iron Castings
Dunn Dillard
DVL Group, Inc.
Eastern Shore Association, Inc.
Edward Enterprises, Inc.
Edward Weisto
Elliott Machine Shop, Inc.
Emory Wilson Process, Inc.
Enhanced Capital Partners, Inc.
Entech Sales & Service
Environmental Science Associates
Eric B. Dollin
ESOP of People's Bank and Trust Co.
Eugene Marier
EuroPharma Inc.
F & H Food Equipment Co.
Fabric Services
Fairfax Lumber & Hardware Co.
Farra Tech, Inc.
Fast Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Falk Precision
Fiona Sartin
First National Bancshares of Weatherford, Inc., KSOP
First Neighborhood Bancshares, Inc.
Floor To Ceiling Carpet One
Foldcraft Company
Forte Residential, Inc.
Frank M. Booth, Inc.
Fund Evaluation Group
G&T Industries, Inc.
G.W. Berkheimer Company, Inc.
Galois, Inc.
Gardeners' Guild, Inc.
Gene Di Lorenzo
GH Phipps Construction Companies
Giroux Glass, Inc.
Grand River Rubber & Plastics
Greater Community Bank
Greatland Corporation
Gulf Copper & Manufacturing Corp.
H&C Tool Supply Corp.
H.M. Cragg Company
Haberfeld Holdings Inc.
Hager Sharp Inc.
Hardy Diagnostics
Harris & Ruth Painting Contracting
Haumiller Engineering Company
Hazen Research, Inc.
Haywood Builders Supply
HdL Companies
Heritage Aviation, Inc.
Holborn Corporation
Horicon Bank
Howard Kaplan
ICepts Technology Group, Inc.
IN Chapter of The ESOP Association
InfoSight Corporation
Inheritance Funding Company, Inc.
Internal Data Resources
Intrust IT
Iowa Insulation, Inc.
Irr Supply Centers, Inc.
Italix Company, Inc.
J. M. Grimstad, Inc.
James Horan
James Monroe Wire And Cable Corporation
JCJ Architecture
Jim Canfield
Jodi Lamb
Joey Rao-Russell
John Henry Foster Company
John Kober
Johnson Melloh Mechanical Services
Jorgensen Company
Josh McKey
Julie Brooks
Karen Ng
Kathy Terry
Kay Bottoms
Kaytee Rowatt
Keith Uemura
Kennicott Brothers Company
Keller Schroeder
Ketchum & Walton Co.
Kevin Wright
Key Knife, Inc.
KHS&S Contractors, Inc.
Kitchen Table Consultants
Kjersti Cory
KLH Marketing, Inc.
Kline Electric
Knowles Industrial Servic
Kovatch Castings Inc.
Kreg Enterprises, Inc. Dba Kreg Tool Company
Kristina Cox
Ladco, Inc.
Lambro Industries
Landry/French Construction Co.
Landry's Inc.
LD&B Insurance and Financial Services
Leah N. Turnbull
LeFiell Manufacturing Company
Lerch Bates Inc.
Lesman Instrument Company
Level 10, LLC
Liberty Pumps Inc.
Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
Location Sound Corporation
Long Haul Trucking Inc.
Lonnie Peppler-Moyer
LTK Engineering Services
Lunseth Plumbing & Heating Co.
Lyon Video, Inc.
Lytle Signs, Inc
M & B Carriers
Maco Bag Corporation
Madison Lumber & Hardware, Inc.
Market Contractors, LTD.
Matt Construction
Matt Powers
McCownGordon Construction
Melissa Book
Mercer Capital Management, Inc.
Metropolitan Communications
MGC Contractors, Inc.
MI Chapter of The ESOP Association
Michael Willard
Michael’s Transportation Services, Inc.
Micro Craft, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Chapter of The ESOP Association
Miers Insurance, Inc.
Miguel Paredes
Miller, Proctor, Nickolas, Inc.
Milton J. Wood Company
Molin Concrete Products Company
Morley Builders
Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.
Muir Omni Graphics
Muncie Aviation Company
NCC Automated Systems
NCI, Inc.
New Harbinger Publications
Newport Industries, Inc.
Niagara Specialty Metals
Nickolas Sypniewski
Nicole Reppert
Nina Hale
NMR Group, Inc.
North American Video Corporation (dba NAVCO)
North States Industries, Inc.
NW Bend Boats, LLC dba North River Boats
OH/KY Chapter of The ESOP Association
Oil Well Service Co.
Omico Inc.
Oxygen Service Company
Pacific Southwest Instruments
Palmer and Sicard, Inc.
Parksite Inc.
Parman Energy
Paul Fusco
Paul Trost
Peaker Services, Inc.
Pebcor Corporation
Pelican Holdings Group, Inc.
Perry ProTech
Peter Aliferis
Peter Briggs
Peter Ney
PFS Corporation
Phelps County Bank
Pitts Enterprises, Inc.
PMF Industries, Inc.
Portland Air Frieght, Inc.
Prentke Romich Company
Precision Drive & Control, Inc.
Priority, Inc.
Professional Risk Associates
Public Affairs Support Services, Inc.
Pumping Services, Inc.
R&B Wagner, Inc.
R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.
Ramsey Financial Corporation
Ranco Fertiservice, Inc.
Ray Lindsey Company
RCSS Holdings, Inc.
Renee P. Lewis
Renkim Corporation
Retina Institute Management Inc.
RH Wine & Co., Inc., DBA IPMG Insurance Program Managers Group
Richard H. Koster
Richard, Wayne & Roberts
Rinderknecht Associates, Inc.
Ritchie Trucking Service Holdings, Inc.
RobbJack Corporation
Robert Sanchez
Rochester Metal Products Corp.
Rogers Manufacturing Corporation
Ronald J. Gilbert
Roush Equipment, Inc.
Rufo Cleaning & Maintenance Co., Inc.
Ryan Lawn & Tree, Inc.
S & J Supply Company, Inc.
S. M. Wilson & Co.
San Juan Construction, Inc.
SARA, Inc.
Scallon Controls, Inc.
Schorn Construction
Scott Ryals
Scott Slawson
Sea-Land Chemical Company
Sean M. Lickver
Sean-Tamba Matthew
Sebago Technics, Inc.
SECHAN Electronics, Inc.
Security Bank of Laurel, NE
Sentry Equipment Corp.
Sera Architects Inc.
Shawn Skaggs
SIRCAL Contracting
Skyline Construction
Sletten, Inc.
Smelter Service Corporation
SoundOff Signal
Southern Software Inc.
Split Rock Studios
SRC Elastomerics
St. Cloud Industrial Products, Inc.
St. Michael's Inc.
Standard Abstract & Title Company, Inc.
Standard Offset Printing Co. DBA The Standard Group
Sterling Engineering, Inc.
Steven J. Nelson
Stylmark, Inc.
Sumerel Tire Service, Inc.
Summers of Brownsburg, Inc
SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, PC
Sun Automation Group
Syblon Reid
Swissturn/USA, Inc.
Tejas Logistics System
Terra Engineering & Construction Company
Texas Scenic Company, Inc.
TFN Architectural Signage, Inc
The ATP Group, Inc.
The Bank of Missouri
The Berlin Steel Construction Company
The Carpet Shoppe Inc.
The Graham Company
The Great Lakes Construction Co.
The Hartwell Corporation
The Levy Company, Inc
The Lewis Chemical Company
The Northridge Group
The Ramkota Companies, Inc.
The Solaray Corporation
The Vertex Companies, Inc.
Thomas P. Stafford
Tim Black
Timothy R. Lee
Tina DiCroce
Todd D. Wozniak
Transitions Group, Inc.
Tunnell Consulting, Inc.
Twin Manufacturing Company
United Electric
United Production Framing
Vicki Graft
VW International
W&W Glass, LLC
Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc.
Wenck Enterprises, Inc.
Wenthe-Davidson Engineering Company
Wilhite Electric Co., Inc.
William D. Meeker Enterprises
Wooldridge Heating & Air, Inc.
Xytex Cryo International

$249 & BELOW

Aaron Geibel
Aaron J. Juckett
Aaron Pryor
Adrienne Gehan
Alan Kandel
Alexander L. Mounts
Allan Fera
Amy Schuster
Andre Schnabl
Andrew S. Ward
Angela Fisher
Anne Bushman
Arlene Westbrook
Ashleigh Newlin
Ashley Kirchner
Bart R. Mcllonie
Becky Streff
Ben F. Wells
Benny R. Valek
Bergstrom Electric, Inc.
Blair Patteson
Brad Henschen
Brandon G. Feingold
Brian Bowers
Brian A. Eagle
Brian Sharkey
Brian Sweeney
Brian W. Crotty
Brooks George
C. Grant McCorkhill
Caroline Gardner
Chad Hoekstra
Chase Hoover
Cheri L. Jones
Chris E. Best
Chris Font
Chris Kroeger
Chris Moran
Christopher Coates
Christopher Hirshfeld
Christopher T. Horner
Christopher A. Kramer
Christopher McLean
Christy Magee
Clifford G. Canavera
Connie Woodmansee
Craig Olinger
Dan Theriot
Danette Penenburgh
Daniel Callanan
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Kenary
Daniel M. Reser
David R. Bogus
David Cassel
David Garrett
David Jasmund
Daniel Kaczmarek
Daniel Rekowski
David Levin
David Powell
David Van Ness
Dawn Goestenkors
Deborah Karlsrud
Debra Linder
Debra Williams
Dennis Locke
Dolores Lawrence
Dominic Agresta
Don Jamison
Don Kohla
Don Rongione
Donna Caruso
Donna M. Isherwood
Donna J. Walker
Douglas L. Dell
Douglas S. Neville
Dunbar Chambers
Elizabeth A. Nedrow
Emily S. Horn
Emily Rickard
Eric Britton
Eric Galvin
Eric K. Kornegay
Eric Ransick
Eric Strebe
Erin Turley
Frank Cinatl
Frank Shiels
Fred Kaseff
George Raftopoulos
Gina Ryan
Greenville Tool & Die Co.
Greg Daugherty
Greg Rexing
Gregory Hogan
Gregory S. Zick
Heather Rooney McBride
Herbert S. Alexander
Hillary Hughes
Hope Thompson
Isabel Carta
Isaiah Aguilar
Jack Veale
Jackie Salmon
Jacquelyn D. Mosby
Jake Cravens
James B. Aldrich
James Bado
James F. Joyner
James P. Moser
James Walrack
Jane Moss
Jane Tereba
Jason Wellman
Jay Van Heyde
Jeffrey Gluck
Jeffrey Schultz
Jennifer E. Shirkey
Jerry Lau
Jessica Markkula
Jessica Quaday
Jessica Rose
Joe Torres
John Arendshorst
John C. Dorsey
John C. Korschot
John P. Murphy
Johnathan L. Shuman
Jon M. Sweigart
Joseph Faucher
Joseph B. Hurst
Joseph Marx
Joseph Rankin
Joseph Rheaume
Josh Billiard
Josh Edwards
Julie Govreau
Justin Tu
Katherine K. Roskam
Kathleen A. Odle
Kathryn F. Aschwald
Kayla Adams
Ken Kacere
Ken J. Pia
Kenneth Hoogstra
Kent Lau
Kevin G. Long
Kevin T. Rusch
Kevin Ward
Kim S. Abello
Kirk Lindemann
Kirk Soto
Kristen J. Kenley
Kristin Steinhauser
Kyle J. Wishing
Lars C. Golumbic
Laurie-Leigh White
Lee Ann Hodge
Lee Swerdlin
Leslie Kearns
Linda Kerekes
Linshuang Lu
Lisa Carrick
Lisa A. Durham
Lisa J. Tilley
Lora D. Ogden
Lorene Pierre
Luke Martonik
Lynn Archer
Lynn Calkins
Lynn Jusinski
Manny Calzon
Marc Baluda
Mark Blackburn
Mark R. Kossow
Mark A. Nebrig
Mark Spriggs
Mark Welker
Marlene Ferderer
Martin Drake
Martin Staubus
Martin Tierney
Mary Giganti
Mary McCooe
Mary Raabe
Matthew Hricko
Matthew J. Linski
Matthew Ransick
Matthew R. Schubring
Matthew Silla
Maureen S. Cosgrove
Melanie Matulonis
Melton Machine & Control Company
Michael Bertram
Michael Conger
Michael Davidson
Michael Frost
Michael J. Harden
Michael Golden
Michael Graham
Michael G. McCarthy
Michael New
Michael Staton
Michael Yi
Michelle Buckley
Molly Mead
Natasha Fedder
Nathan Lewis
Nic Staloch
Nicholas Braun
Nicholas J. Francia
Nick Adamy
Nicole Medgaarden
Northern States Supply
Patrick Carpenter
Patrick J. Flanery
Paul J. Vogt
Peter Abrahamson
Peter Jones
Peter Mullen
Peter Thompson
Phil McKnight
Philip J. Carstens
Philip Dooly
Randy Shrake
Regina Carls
Renee M. Stadtmueller
Rhonda Martin
Rich Barth
Richard Duffy
Richard Mapp
Rob Ruszkowski
Robert Brown
Robert Bye
Robert Grossman
Robert J. Hartman
Robert Hilton
Robert M. Ireland
Robert Powell
Robert Regis
Robert W. Smiley
Robert Tomaka
Robin LeClaire
Rocky M. Fiore
Rodger Mohagen
Ronald L. Ludwig
Ryan Graham
Ryan Joseph Sasson
Sandy Birdsong
Sarah Knapp
Sarah von Helfenstein
Scot Storjohann
Scott Brace
Scott A. Donnelly
Scott Morrisson
Scott Foreman
Scott J. Freund
Scott Miller
Scott Schlange
Scott J. Stitt
Sean Sugai
Seth Webber
Sharon Galloway
Shaun P. Duffin
Sherry P. Porter
Siemer Milling Company
Stanley E. Bulua
Steven Cohen
Steven Fischer
Steve Lifson
Steven Schaffer
Sue Butler
Susan Halevi
Susan Petrirena
Suzanne Cromlish
Sydney Henriques
Terese Krafcheck
Thomas Dudley
Thomas J. Sigmund
Tim Jochim
Timothy J. Lang
Todd Young
Tom McQueen
Tom Roback
Trevor Bare
Troy Ingham
Ulkrike Steinecker
Vermont Employee Ownership Center
Vincent Capone
Votaw Electric
W. Terence Jones
Wendy Gilligan
William Castellano
William Merten
William Stewart
William Sullivan
William Unger
Witold Telezynski
Yuri Williams